Monday, November 19, 2012

It Was The Weekend Before Thanksgiving...

...and all I did was work, so sorry I haven't posted anything.  I plan to post a Thanksgiving one shortly.

Above are two folks I am very thankful to call my children.  (Can't you tell?  They look alike, then both look like me!  LOL)

To tide you over, check out some of my previous posts on the Index by Topic page.  The Top Ten list that runs down the side of this is out of kilter because I have had many, many new readers in the last few months (another thing for which I'm very thankful!  Bless you!)  Please go to the index for links to the posts below:)

A few of my favorites on the humor side (in no particular order):

"Harley & Me-- The Story of A Girl and Her Hog"

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"Does Anyone Know Of A Shady Park Bench With WI-FI?"

Crash Test Dummy Series

"On Your Mark, Get Set, OH No!"

"Out Of The Mouths of Babes"

In case I can't make the post before Thanksgiving, here's wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving!  See you at 4:30 a.m. on Black Friday @ Lowe's!

Until next time,

PS:  It probably wouldn't hurt to read the "Be Kind To Salesperson" post either LOL!

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