Saturday, August 20, 2011

There's No Place Like Home: Scenes From My "Hood" Part One


Though I grew up in Zanesville, OH, I really think of myself as more of a "city" gal.  I lived in Los Angeles a few years and then returned to Columbus, OH living in several spots.  But Mark and I really do like "wide open spaces" so we bought a smallish house so we could get some land.  (I took to heart Katie Scarlett's father's speech where he proclaims that "land is the only thing worth living for... or dying for."  At least I think he's the one who said it.)

When we moved here, we had a nearly done house plopped on dirt with the foundation visible, no sidewalks or patio, not much of a drive and many huge dead trees that were planted in August, then not watered.  Long story why, but the gist of it is we spent the first several years just concentrating on finishing this place.  I was just glad school, work, gas and Krogers were only 5 minutes away.

A few years ago, Mark got his Harley and we went for rides.  We are really lucky to live where the countryside is beautiful, yet close to everything.  Our county has a covered bridge tour and all are 3-15 mins from home.  My profile pic is the Big Darby Creek Bridge, just remodeled and just up the road a bit.


Here are some others:






There is an iron bridge on the tour, but I'm not sure why.  I hope to get by there soon for a pic as it's also just a few minutes away.

About 20 minutes away is Ohio Caverns and around the corner from there are the two Piatt Castles Mac-A-Chee and Mac-A-Cheek.  They are supposed to be identical and they are only at most a 1/4 mile apart.  Some Scottish guy built them.  Audra thinks there should be another one called Mac-N-Cheese!

Near there is Mad River Mountain Ski Resort (more of a hill, but the best we've got), the fancy Mad River Trout Club and Marmon Valley Farm which is a horse trail riding and lesson camp.  We have had several hot air balloons land in neighbor's yards from the annual festival.  From our front porch one can often see (and hear) the aerobatics competition at the airport.

That's enough for now.  Until next time, take care and pray for rain.  My yard is brown!

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