Thursday, August 17, 2017

It's the Great Pumpkin Blow-Out at Glass Axis!


It was a hot and steamy night in Downtown Columbus at the Glass Axis.  My hair was getting frizzier by the second.  Donna and I had so much fun with the ornaments we signed up for another class and invited a friend Linda to join us.  This time we met a different instructor, Matt, and made pumpkins (well, at least a good chunk of it--pardon the pun...)

A selfie of three hot ladies--and I do mean hot!  They had fans, but we still melted.  L-R:  Gale, Donna and Linda.  The fourth class member was a fellow that we let go first so he wouldn't have to set through all of us.  The class lasted one and a half hours for $69 each person.

I will post a photo of all of our pumpkins when we get them next week.  They have to spend a couple days cooling off (as did we...Whew!)  The weather didn't do us any favors as we stood in front of a 2200 degree "glory hole."  We picked entirely different color schemes, but in the photos, they of course all were hot and orange!  Donna went with mostly clear and transparent orange with white specs, Linda chose a deep purple and I did transparent orange with swirls of opaque orange and yellow.

I can't wait to see my pumpkin once it's cooled!  It's hard to believe the stem is actually two shades of green!

Here I'm blowing in the glob of glass to press it up against the walls of the mold--thus giving it the characteristic pumpkin shape.

Back into the "glory hole" for one last heating...

Come back next week and see the three pumpkin masterpieces!  I will put photo at the bottom of this post.  I'm also trying to get the video of Matt doing the stem working and plan to add that as well.

One piece of advice...go in January!!!!

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Monday, July 31, 2017

Howdy from The 'Creek!

8/16/17 Update:)  Heading off tonight to blow up a pumpkin...craft cave tour video is "in the can" and I will pair it up with a tutorial next week...also a restaurant review on the docket....stayed tuned!!!


Hello all!

I hope this finds you well and enjoying your Summer!  I will return shortly with new posts. However, there are the crafting pages are getting updated periodically.  We recently finished the "Craft Cave" tour, so prepare to go spelunking soon!  I am going to start a YouTube channel, so stay tuned!

Please peruse the tonnage of previous posts until I return early August.  You can search several ways on the right sidebar.  

I have been doing some major projects around the house while working full-time.  I also won't post something just to post something, as I prefer quality over quantity.

Thank you for stopping by The 'Creek and come back soon!  Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss any posts!

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