Saturday, September 9, 2017

Glow-In-The-Dark Pop-Up Boxes + Giveaway!!!!

Hello everyone!

9/17/17:  The giveaway winner is....Viola Leary!  Please contact me with your address and I will ship this asap!  Congratulations and enjoy!

I'm excited to present my first YouTube tutorial!  I am amazed at how many folks have watched the "cave" tour and am so thankful!  While you are at YouTube, please like and subscribe.  I also appreciate feedback.  Liking it on the YouTube site helps build my channel.  Be sure to comment at bottom of post to enter drawing for a bag full of treats!  I will draw on 9/16/2017 and post it here on the blog.  Good luck!

Anyway, here we go!!!  To keep the posts short-ish, the instruction steps are on the video!  The products I used are linked at the bottom of this page if you are interested.

From this.....

This features Lawn Fawn's Scalloped Pop Up Box Die set.  

To this....
The middle area of this is where I hid some glitter behind the ghost's bow tie as an afterthought.

I had a lot of fun making these (even though it took several video takes!)  One of the things I couldn't show and ever get it done was the vellum ghost.  You can glue them direct to paper without the adhesive showing as long as you get an even layer of glue over the entire back of the piece.  (Running through a sticker maker would work as well.  I had some issues with my glue and didn't want to re-make background, so went with monsters.  Here is an example from a previous post to illustrate when it works correctly!  It is sheer like a ghost!

I was pretty proud of getting the look I wanted!  Vellum is hard to work with!

Here is another popup box example:

This dozen box of donuts is from Lawn Fawn's "Donut Worry" mini set.  I used vellum to replicate the baker's tissue.  These were colored with Copic markers.
I am doing a unique "lucky" winner will get the bag below full of surprises...but will it be a Trick or a Treat????? 

Just leave a comment below to enter drawing.  I will announce the winner one week from this post and email the winner as well.  Unfortunately, for now I can only send to U.S. residents:(  OK, apparently there are "scaredy cats" out there who need to know what the prizes are:  there are a ton of stamps, a Starbucks gift card, many colors of baker's twine, a couple of Zig Real Brush markers, some glow in the dark glitter and more!

Until next time,

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Finally! The "Craft Cave" Tour!!!

Hello friends!

As promised, you are now invited to go spelunking in my craft room.  It's not glamorous, but perhaps you will find an idea or two that works for you no matter what you're crafting.  I took some before shots last year (did I say it was a slow process???)  The rest of my downstairs looks like a war zone and I feel a bit guilty--but I have my priorities!!!

It started as a hot mess... (scroll down if you just want to see the video!)

The girls kept me company in this process--it's not the same without my "Chin Chin" on the right.  I miss her so much!

Then the room started to take shape...

This is right behind my desk and is ever evolving to be more efficient.  I'm too lazy to get up all the time and chase stuff down!

Still nowhere nearly finished and productive, but getting there...

Drum roll please... the tour video!


Come back to see my first tutorial video on YouTube soon!  Please hit like and subscribe both here and on my YouTube channel:)

Until next time,